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Jamie Dixon comments on leaving Pitt for TCU

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of leaving the Pitt basketball program to coach TCU, Jamie Dixon spoke with the Post-Gazette's Paul Zeise. Always a class act, Dixon was nothing but complimentary of the City and talked a little about his decision.

Zeise had a series of tweets (you can follow him here), so I'll just leave them here:

It's nice to see Dixon leaving on somewhat good terms, anyway. Some of this may be posturing a little - especially since CBS Sports' Gary Parrish initially said that one of the reasons he was leaving was because he felt underappreciated by fans. But it was great that Dixon was still able to take the high road here.

Dixon is correct, too, in that he is leaving a pretty good team behind. The Panthers return much of their core from last year and should have a very good chance to be in the Top 25 if everyone stays. Questions remain after next year when the team's top two players, Michael Young and Jamel Artis, will graduate. But next year's team has some potential. My guess is that it wasn't easy to leave with a potentially good team coming back, but timing was everything here. If it wasn't now for TCU, it may not have ever happened.

The more you read/hear about this, it seems like the battery recharge thing that Zeise mentions. Dixon was caught in a few years of of not having the success he had in the past and that had to wear on him as much as it did some fans.

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