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Gentry Ivery transfers from Pitt

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We've talked a little about Pitt needing to trim its roster for next season. Last week, the Panthers took another step towards that with the news that freshman wide receiver Gentry Ivery would be transferring out of the program.

Ivery was a part of Pat Narduzzi's first recruiting class in 2015 and was a late addition out of Texas. He was a lower-tier recruit and in his rankings of the entire class, Jim ranked him near the bottom. As expected, he redshirted last season in his first year with the program.

As a wide receiver, it probably didn't help that that was an area of depth for the team. There aren't many experienced guys on the roster, but Pitt has many younger guys that expect to be in the mix over the next several seasons. As noted, Elijah Zeise, who looked like a future wideout for the program, was just moved to linebacker this past week. Overall, Pitt seems to have a bit of a logjam at receiver.

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