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Experts say Pitt win over Syracuse should be enough for Panthers to reach the NCAA Tournament

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's win over Syracuse on Wednesday may not have yet officially gotten the Panthers into the NCAA Tournament. But according to the Bracketology experts out there, Pitt should be in the Big Dance.

Joe Lunardi updated his ESPN bracket after Pitt's win and has the Panthers in as a No. 10 seed. FWIW, he still has Syracuse in, too, but adds the disclaimer that the Orange are likely to be bumped once it's all said and done. After recapping the game, CBS Sports actually falls short of calling Pitt a lock and that only a win against North Carolina would do that. However, they add that the Panthers are now 'likely' to be in.

USA Today and SB Nation have yet to release their updated brackets since the game but considering the Panthers were No. 10 seeds in both of those prior to the game, you can bet that Pitt should still be in after this win.

Nothing is certain until the Panthers hear their name called on Selection Sunday. For now, though, all indications are that they are safe.

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