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Cathedral Cats/Pitt Alumni hope to enter The Basketball Tournament (TBT)

TBT needs your support.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With Jamie Dixon gone and the team struggling a bit, many argue that perhaps the glory days for Pitt basketball are in the past and behind us. Would it not be cool to relive them for a few summer weekends?

The Cathedral Cats, a team that will compete in The Basketball Tournament needs your support to bring the team back together. The Basketball Tournament is a five-on-five, winner-take-all tournament with the winning team taking home $1 million.

The Cathedral Cats team will be led by former Pitt stars, names not released yet, but let's just say there is potential for potential redemption from some of those heartbreaking tournament losses. Only 64 teams can play in the tournament.

To support team and vote them in, click on this link.

The team will only be eligible to compete if it gets enough votes of fan support.

Some of the other teams that compete in this tournament: Syracuse alumni, Notre Dame alumni, Gonzaga alumni; just to name a few.

Tweet out the link to your followers and get involved with the team. The best part about this endeavor is that they cannot do it without the fan support and fan involvement, so vote for them and help them into the event.