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The Untouchables add two more former Panthers

Check out the TBT alumni team of the Panthers.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a little while since I updated everyone on the status of the team competing in The Basketball Tournament known as "The Untouchables."

I was graduating college, sorry. Now I have time.

BREAKING: Untouchables add Talib Zanna and Antonio Graves to roster.

The team already has Jermaine Dixon, Brad Wannamaker, Gilbert Brown and Gary McGhee. Now there are six Panthers alumni on the roster.

The only problem is right now we have fallen from as high as third to 11th place in the region and we need to get back up. If you can get us to 2,000 votes we can even add a 12th player to the roster. Wouldn't that be fun.

All you have to do to vote is click here.

Every vote counts. Encourage your friends to vote too! You could even get a spot and earn up to $20,000 as a fan leader (Here are the details on that - contest not run by Cardiac Hill, we're just sharing the info). So take five minutes tonight to vote and share on your Facebook.