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Up-Close look at Pitt's new Football and Basketball Uniforms

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

Last night I wrote about Pitt's script logo uniform reveal. While we had some photos from the event in PBS' Tweetcap, the up-close ones eluded us for the most part.

Fortunately, Pitt has them up on their website (all photos below courtesy of the official site). Be sure to head over to the athletics department site to see them all. For now, though, since the football and men's basketball ones are what people have wanted to see and been discussing the most, I've added a few of them here.

The Pitt site has uniforms for all of the team's sports, so definitely head over there and get up-close shots of everything.

A day later I'm still not a big fan of the numbering on the football jerseys, but as I said yesterday, I think they got everything else right and overall, I'm a fan of what they put together. My grade falls somewhere in the A- to B+ range when you take everything into account. What say you?

Football uniform helmet

Football Uniform

Football back uniform

Football Front uniform closeup

White football uniform

White Football uniform 2

Basketball Uniform

Basketball uniform back

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