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James Conner hoping for quick return after announcement that his cancer is in remission

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt running back announced earlier this week that his cancer was in remission. Now, it appears that he's hoping to be back on the field sooner rather than later. had an article a while back that Conner may have been targeting the North Carolina game for a possible return. But if you listened to him and his doctor recently, you wonder if he will be able to play before that.

His oncologist not only said that he would be able to resume activities soon, but also that he wouldn't have any restrictions on his ability to participate:

“Once the (chemo) port is out and (his chest) heals, he is free to do whatever he wants and engage in contact once practice starts back up,” Marks said. “There will be no restrictions.”

You might remember that Conner participated in some offseason workouts back in February. But while he participated in 90-95% of those drills, obviously he wasn't going to be taking on a full load in the spring practices. But according to his oncologist, he's basically ready to go after his chest heals up.

Conner also talked about coming back himself and, surprise, he's ready to go:

After 12 chemo treatments every two weeks, some lasting as long as four hours, Conner said he's ready to resume the football career that brought him ACC Player of the Year honors in 2014.

“I have to get back into it,” he said. “I feel forgotten about in the college football world.

“I have the whole months of June and July to get my body right. I'm going to be smart about it, but I should be (100 percent).”

100% by when? From his oncologist's statement as well as his own, it sounds like 100% for the entire season - perhaps even by training camp this fall.

We still obviously have to give him time to get into playing shape, etc., but this is even better news than most could have hoped for when Conner's diagnosis was released to the media. And while we can't say for sure when Conner will be ready, it sounds like it could be sooner rather than later.

Getting Conner back for North Carolina and the start of ACC season would be huge. Getting him back for possibly the Penn State game?

Beyond words.

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