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Pitt's top 2017 NFL Draft prospects

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports's Matt Fortuna recently took a look at some of the ACC's most draftable players for the NFL in 2017. His two picks for the Panthers were offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty and running back James Conner.

Conner, of course, is the wild card here. As I mentioned, he still has two full years of eligibility left after getting a medical redshirt last season. The only scenario I can see him using both is if he's not able to play as much as anticipated this season and questions linger about his overall health with the Hodgkin's Lymphoma. But if he plays even sparingly and looks back to his old self, seeing him bolt early wouldn't be a stretch for a guy playing a position that already has a limited shelf life in the NFL.

That got me thinking, though - what other potential 2017 NFL Draft picks could be there?

Ejuan Price is arguably the guy outside of Conner that could go the highest, IMO. Price had a huge season with 11 1/2 sacks (albeit, largely in part due to a single game when he had five against Louisville) and was probably a fringe NFL Draft guy this year. Another big season probably gives Price a very good chance to be taken.

A few other guys could get looks. With J.P. Holtz and Tyler Boyd gone, Scott Orndoff will likely have more opportunities. Two guys that I like but probably need to do quite a bit to garner some consideration are Bam Bradley and Terrish Webb. Both have had 'moments' but not enough of them yet. Same goes several other guys like linebackers Mike Caprara and Matt Galambos, defensive lineman Shakir Soto, or offensive lineman Dorian Johnson. It's too hard to declare those guys as locks for even late-round picks at this point.

There's quarterback Nathan Peterman, too. But without Tyler Boyd, I just don't see him having the kind of year he probably needs to get strong consideration. There's a chance he goes out and puts up solid numbers like Tino Sunseri did in his final year (21 touchdowns, three interceptions, 3,288 passing yards), but as we saw with Sunseri, that wasn't enough for him. It's hard for me to see Peterman getting taken - especially without Boyd.

To me, Pitt's most draftable guys are the trio of Bisnowaty, Price, and, if he elects to come out, Conner. Who would you put in the 2017 Draft looking a year away?

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