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Pitt's Pat Narduzzi ranks No. 40 in CBS Sports' list of FBS coaches

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Back in February, CBS Sports called Pitt head football caoch Pat Narduzzi one of the best hires for the 2016 season. This week, the site released a comprehensive list of all FBS coaches and slotted Narduzzi 40th.

That's not incredibly high, of course, but it's not that low, either. Also, consider that it's a significant jump from where he was in the last set of CBS Sports rankings.


Somewhat ironically are the coaches that surround him. Checking in at No. 39 and one spot ahead of him is former Pitt coach Paul Chryst, now at Wisconsin. Directly beneath Narduzzi on the pecking order? Penn State's James Franklin.

I'm a little perplexed by the ranking of Chryst ahead of Narduzzi. While he did win ten games, he did it with a schedule that included a whopping nine sub .500 teams, while also avoiding Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State. When you combine that with his unimpressive 19-20 record at Pitt, I'm not sure he deserves to be ahead of Narduzzi. And as someone that's seen both in action here, Narduzzi has been more impressive. Just one man's opinion, though.

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