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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's the college football offseason and with spring practices over, get ready for all sorts of preseason rankings stuff., a prime site (or, if you're not into these sorts of things, offender) in this area has some rankings of running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks.

Pitt finished about where I'd expect.

The Panthers' running backs were rated as the second best stable in the ACC, finishing behind only Florida State and Dalvin Cook. If Pitt gets a healthy James Conner back relatively early and he has a big season, the Panthers could lay claim to the top group by the end of the year. But those are a couple of big 'ifs' and Pitt's No. 2 ranking is justified at this point.

As expected, Pitt didn't fare nearly as well when it came to ranking the receivers and tight ends. The Panthers were 10th in that group and without Tyler Boyd and, to a far lesser degree, J.P. Holtz, seeing the team that far down the list wasn't a surprise.

Finally, at quarterback, the Panthers ranked seventh with Nathan Peterman at the helm and it's hard to make a case for the team to be listed any higher. While Peterman was serviceable, don't forget that this ranking includes all of a team's quarterbacks. With Chad Voytik gone, Peterman is really it. Frankly, I could have seen Pitt drop even further down the list because of that. Not to mention that Peterman's effectiveness next season could be up in the air, anyway, with a new offensive coordinator and no Tyler Boyd.

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