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Chad Voytik to head to Arkansas State instead of Eastern Kentucky

Nick Cammett-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, it was reported that several outlets that former Pitt quarterback Chad Voytik would be headed to Eastern Kentucky. Voytik, however, appears headed to Arkansas State now.

The move makes more sense than the Eastern Kentucky venture to me. As I wrote at the time, Voytik was leaving a Pitt team and walking into a situation where it seemed he would be in a fight for playing time as Eastern Kentucky had a pretty established guy and a former FBS recruit coming back.

Arkansas State, on the other hand, seems a little more open. Last year's starter, Fredi Knighten, has graduated and the Red Wolves need a new quarterback. Voytik would seem to have a much easier time winning the starting job there and he can also stay in the FBS. The team also lost sophomore-to-be backup James Tabary, and he was underwhelming there, anyway, with four touchdowns, six interceptions, and 788 passing yards, while filling in for Knighten earlier in the year when he was out with an injury.

Overall, it's probably just a better decision for Voytik. He gets to stay in the FBS and has a better chance for playing time.

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