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Pitt safety Jordan Whitehead undergoes offseason knee surgery

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Deep breaths, folks.

I have to admit that when I first saw the news on Friday evening that Pitt sophomore safety Jordan Whitehead was having offseason knee surgery that my initial reaction wasn't all that great. But while he did indeed have some surgery on his left meniscus on Friday, turns out that it's hardly disastrous news.

The Pitt defensive standout will miss about 4-6 weeks of summer workouts and conditioning. While that's obviously not ideal (especially for an underclassman that is going to be relied on quite a bit this upcoming season), it isn't expected to have any impact on the season at all. And not only should it be a non-factor for the Panthers' regular season, but Whitehead isn't even expected to miss any training camp time this fall before the games start. Camp begins in August and Whitehead should be back by then.

Again, deep breaths here - Whitehead should be fine.

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