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Cardiac Hill Poll: Which true freshman (outside of Damar Hamlin) will have the biggest impact for Pitt in 2016?

The 2016 Pitt football recruiting class has no shortage of star power, but which one will make the most impact this coming season?

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By now you have had plenty of time to digest all of the all-star games and recruiting recaps. Well, all the talk is almost over, as this past weekend was a big one for the 2016 Pitt Panther recruiting class. If you paid attention to Twitter, you would know that the class has all moved into Oakland and is ready to roll for Pat Narduzzi.

As time winds down to the pads cracking at the Panthers' South Side facility, which true freshman will make the biggest impact for Pitt? There are many different angles to take here.

We all know that Damar Hamlin is the team's top recruit. He might not have the biggest year, but since he could be a runaway pick, we're opening it up a bit here. Outside of Hamlin, who's your pick for the top true freshman? Do you go with a position of need like Keyshon Camp or Amir Watts? The same can be said for the other side of the ball if you look at Thomas MacVittie or Maurice Ffrench.

Then there are the talented players who will have to beat out a number of veterans, but the ability is there with Chase Pine or Kaezon Pugh. You could even make a nice argument for early participants such as Chawntez Moss at running back.

What are your thoughts? Who will be the true freshman that we will all be talking about? Who will be this year's Jordan Whitehead?

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