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All five Pitt baseball players drafted reportedly signed

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

A couple of weeks back Pitt's baseball team had five players selected in the MLB Draft. All five have reportedly come to terms with their respective teams and are beginning their pro careers.

Pitcher T.J. Zeuch, Pitt's most coveted prospect, went in the first round and signed with the Toronto Blue Jays in relatively short order for a bonus of a little over $2 million. Both Charles Leblanc and Alex Kowalczyk were taken by the Texas Rangers. Leblanc had the opportunity to return to Pitt since he was only a sophomore, but he, too, signed pretty quickly. Both were assigned to the Rangers Spokane club and have already been there for a while:

Also apparently signed is Aaron Schnurbusch, who was taken in the 28th round by the Chicago White Sox as well as 35th round pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Nick Yarnall.

It's not much of a surprise seeing none of these guys come back. Zeuch was a first-rounder, so you knew he was practically gone - same for Leblanc, who was a fourth-rounder. Schnurbusch and Kowalczyk were both seniors, so you knew they wouldn't be back. Yarnall (a junior) was the only guy that could have come back, really, and it was little surprise to see him go.

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