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Tribune Examines Pitt Basketball

While Pitt football is on the rise and the outlook is nice, the Tribune examines what could or could not be on the horizon for Pitt hoops.

Kevin Stallings Press Conference

A week ago, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review ran an extensive piece on the Pitt Panther football team and whether or not they could compete with the nation’s best and what it would take to get there. This past weekend, they looked at the Panther basketball program and asked the question that dogged Jamie Dixon for his tenure in Oakland: Can Pitt become a basketball elite?

I think the question was agonizingly pondered throughout the Dixon era as to whether Pitt was or was not elite. One thing that cannot be disputed now is that the program has taken a step back from where they were. I think if you look at the Cardiac Hill website when Dixon left and Kevin Stallings was hired, we tackled a wide variety of topics. Search back to those dates and you will find numerous articles backing Dixon and against Dixon and from almost every angle.

With Dixon gone now, the question is can Stallings and Scott Barnes get Pitt back to where they were when Jamie was always at the top of the Big East...AND above that to that elusive final four? John Harris looked at it from a wide variety of aspects and it’s worth a long lunch break this week to read it before we get too involved in football season.

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