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Zach Challingsworth battling undisclosed injury

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us wondered where wide receiver Zach Challingsworth was when it came to the team's list of its top five wideouts as given by offensive coordinator Matt Canada a while back. After all, Challingsworth is the one of the few receivers on the roster with any real game experience. With 12 catches for 171 yards in 2015, he is actually the second-leading receiver back on the team for this year in terms of production.

Part of the reason for his absence may be that he's battling some sort of undisclosed injury as confirmed by head coach Pat Narduzzi on Monday.

"He has maybe a little tweak," Narduzzi said. "I won't tell you where it is or what it is. He had something minor that I think he is through now."

Obviously, there aren't any details here. For the record, Challingsworth does show up on the team's depth chart for Saturday's game. He's highlighted there as a potential second-stringer along with true freshman Aaron Mathews. So while he could still miss the game with the injury, he likely would not be listed at all if it was major.

If healthy, I still expect him to play a role on this team. But whether or not that happens on Saturday is up for grabs.

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