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Doctor Robert: Pitt vs. Villanova Injury Report

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like all the legit versions of The Beatles' Doctor Robert on YouTube were wiped. All that seems left are cheap covers. So instead of picking another song, yeah, I'm going with the cheap covers.

Is this one William Hung? Please tell me this is William Hung.

On to the injury report for this week.

One guy not on it is running back James Conner. He has been declared 100% with no restrictions, so that's great news.

We already know that true freshman Damar Hamlin is very unlikely to play. And he is not on the depth chart for Saturday and head coach Pat Narduzzi even seemed unsure if he would play this year. If he doesn't suit up, that'd be a big blow. But for now, it seems like you can count him out for at least this weekend.

Also possibly out of action is wide receiver Zach Challingsworth. He is at least listed on the depth chart as an 'OR' option along with true freshman Aaron Mathews. But Narduzzi says he's battling a minor undisclosed injury. Sounds like a big fat 'Questionable' to me.

I'm sure there are some other minor injuries here but unlike last year, it sounds as though the team made it through relatively unharmed during camp.

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