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Pitt baseball coach Joe Jordano comments after extension

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

Earlier this week, Pitt baseball coach Joe Jordano received a three-year extension to remain as baseball manager of the Panthers. After his signing, Jordano commented a bit in a Trib-Review article. Specifically, he mentioned an ability to do more with recruiting thanks to athletics director Scott Barnes:

“(Athletic director) Scott (Barnes) has been very supportive in clearing some hurdles for us internally that, in my opinion, will help us move everything forward,” he said.

Jordano said those “hurdles” include improvements in recruiting and staffing.

“A lot of things that the public wouldn't see, but are very important to what we do,” he said.

The ability to recruit more is just another product of the ACC money and points to how important those funds have become. It should be noted that Pitt vowed to pour more money into recruiting for all sports after the move dating back as far as Steve Pederson. It's good to see them following through on it.

Pitt will remain at a disadvantage simply because other schools have warm weather year round, which is attractive for potential recruits. But the more they can get in front of kids on the road and spread the Pitt brand, the better. That along with giving kids the opportunity to play in one of college baseball's top conferences should help land more quality players.

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