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The Untouchable Journeys

Pittsburgh Panthers v Butler Bulldogs Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Many of you followed along as a team of Pitt alumni took part in The Basketball Tournament this past month.

The team of former Pitt stars - Gilbert Brown, Levance Fields, Brad Wannamaker, Jermaine Dixon, Gary McGhee and Antonio Graves - fell in the quarterfinals, a couple of points shy of a Final Four bid. The team was also joined by former UMass standout Ricky Harris, Oklahoma star Cameron Clark as well as Davon Usher, a former Delaware Blue Hen.

While this team will be back in action in next year’s summer tournament, there is no reason for the fun to stop now. Most of our guys are heading overseas to play professionally in a variety of other countries, but one thing keeps them connected, their time at Pitt and now their summer fun together as members of “The Untouchables.”

With that, we are pleased to bring you an exciting new (recycled) concept to Cardiac Hill.

The Players Tribune, a site started by Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant, serves to allow athletes to share their thoughts directly with fans, without having to go through a reporter or structured interview. This is an idea that we are excited to bring to you. Starting in the coming weeks, the players from the Untouchables will begin to pen stories.

The topics will range from updates on what they have been up to, memories from their college days or opinions on what is going in Oakland.

That being said, we are interested in what you want to read. What would interest you? Please comment and we will start making a list of potential stories to come by. Perhaps as this begins to blossom a potential mailbag question and answer style piece will be written.

Comment your ideas below and tweet them to us at @UntouchablesTBT.