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Going Scouting: Oklahoma State

Pitt will have a very unfamiliar opponent next week, so crank up your DVRs for this one to see what is in store.

Southeast Louisiana v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

We usually have some memory of Pitt’s opponents and games of the past, but next week is a little different. That’s because the Panthers have never played who they will face next week and it’s no cupcake either. Next week, Pitt will travel to Stillwater, OK for the first ever meeting, on the football field, with Oklahoma State University, of the Big 12.

Okie State is 1-0 after a 61-7 win last week against SELA. Yes...that’s not a typo...they played SELA. I googled it...they are an FCS team and that stands for Southeastern Louisiana. After the impressive win, Oklahoma State is now 17th in the coaches poll and 22nd in the AP rankings. Unfortunately, if you want to get a look at the Cowboys’ and what they like to do, you will either have to you search them on YouTube or crank up your DVR.

The Cowboys play host to Central Michigan this afternoon and it’s taking place at noon. I think there might be another game Pitt fans are interested in at the same time today. The good news is that the game is on FS1, so you can go back and watch it later, when you get back from watching the Panthers on your DVR or TiVo or whatever you use. Mike Gundy and the Cowboys hope that playing in Boone Pickens Stadium will produce a similar result before their first real test of the season with our Panthers.

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