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Pitt-Penn State draws national attention

The Panthers picked up some national recognition for their big win on Saturday

NCAA Football: Penn State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt-Penn State was big on a regional level but there were also some national folks paying attention as well. Here are a few links from around the globe about the big game.

The Sporting News says, whether Penn State wanted it or not, they now have a rival in Pitt.

CBS Sports took notice of the Panthers’ running game and said that the offensive line dominated Penn State.

As ESPN pointed out, some former Penn State players were watching and, well, they weren’t happy. Troy Drayton and Allen Robinson were among those to call out the Nittany Lions, calling the game embarrassing and stating that Penn State looked unprepared.

SBNation took a look at Penn State’s big drop in the fourth quarter, which could have given them the lead.

Finally, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit even awarded the Panthers with his weekly ‘Streitcred’ award for their big victory.

We talk quite a bit about Pitt-Penn State being only a regional rivalry and I think there’s some truth to that. Most rivalries are actually more along that level - the bigger ones just get the attention. But it was good to see Pitt’s win over the Nittany Lions draw some interest outside of the state of Pennsylvania.

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