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(Don't) Bet the Farm : Pitt vs Oklahoma State Staff Picks

The Cardiac Hill Staff gives their picks for game 3 against Oklahoma State

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The staff has been perfect through the first two games, unanimously picking Pitt against Villanova and Penn State. This week, that confidence has waned.

In a conference known for high scoring passing offense, Oklahoma State has contributed to that stereotype as much as anybody. Unfortunately, pass defense seems to be Pitt's Achilles' Heel right now as anybody who watched the second half versus Penn State can attest to. Michigan State fans warned me when Narduzzi was hired that Pitt would have a few years of giving up the big play passing wise before it starts to lock down. I think we're still in the midst of that

However, I think Pitt will once again have an advantage on the lines, and the running game should find some success while the defensive line is hopefully able to put some pressure on Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State's quarterback. Pitt will likely attempt to stop the OSU run offense, and hope that the pressure on Rudolph gives Pitt's defensive backs enough of a chance. Take all that, add in a decent Pitt passing attack for the first time this year, and I think Pitt has a very good shot to beat the Cowboys on the road.

Having said all that, I thought this was Pitt's toughest game coming into the season after Clemson. Despite Oklahoma State's performance against Central Michigan last week, I still think they're a pretty good team. Hopefully Pitt will prove all of us wrong.

Anson - Oklahoma State (2-0)

Aron - Pitt (2-0)

Chris - Oklahoma State (2-0)

Corey - Oklahoma State (2-0)

JD - Oklahoma State (2-0)

Jim - Oklahoma State (2-0)