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Panther of the Game: Offensive Line

The offensive line paved the way for Pitt and gave them a real shot at winning a big conference road game.

Pittsburgh v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Before we get to the Panther of the Game, I have to tell you that this was a very difficult decision yesterday. For a good while, I actually wanted to go with Nathan Peterman, but the last couple of series made me rethink that one. Quadree Henderson had another amazing game with over 100 yards rushing. Ejuan Price was a monster, but I feel like if I picked a defensive player, I would have to change all of my contact information and move. I think today we’ll go with a group; and that group was Pitt’s offensive line.

They had the bad snap and I believe one holding penalty on the day, but other than that, they played a pretty dominant game. Pitt kept the ball for over 40 minutes yesterday. They gave up two sacks and one was after the bad snap. The other was a one-yard loss on a Peterman scramble. Take away the snap, which lost 28 yards, and Pitt rushed for over 300 yards on the day.

It didn’t matter who carried the ball for Pitt yesterday. They simply churned out yardage. Henderson finished with over 100 yards. Conner knocked out 66 yards, while Moss had a nice 47 yards. Peterman and Hall recorded 19 yards each, and positive yardage from everyone on the day. 10 players, in all, carried the rock on the day. I think you also have to remember, that for the third week in a row, Pitt was facing a defense that dared them to throw the ball. Peterman also had plenty of time to throw the ball.

We can nitpick all day long about the bad snap, and maybe not opening holes on the last two series, but I feel like no matter who we picked yesterday, you could find something that wasn’t good on the day for them. It was one of those games, where it would have looked a lot better had Pitt held on for the win.

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