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First Pitt uniform combo revealed for Villanova game

Fans are anxious to see the Panthers in action in their new uniforms, which were revealed earlier this summer. They won’t have to wait long with the first Pitt game of the year today against Villanova.

On Friday, the official Twitter account of the equipment department revealed the uniform combo for today. And, here it is:

I’m not personally a huge fan of the white pants look. To me, Pitt is blue and gold and any combination of blue and white sort of makes you think Penn State. My favorite overall combo is probably gold helmet, blue jersey, and gold pants, so at least I’ve got two out of three here. That was the consensus of our readers, too, as almost 50% of the nearly 4,000 people that voted chose that one. Only 1% chose this specific combo, but hey, it’s still a new uniform, right?

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