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Pitt vs. Syracuse: Open Gamethread

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off an upset over No. 11 Virginia, there's no time to rest in the gauntlet that is an ACC schedule.

Pitt faces Syracuse today on the road at noon. At 9-6, the Orange are a bit down this season. But don't let that record fool you entirely. This is still a game away from home against a long-time rival of sorts.

There's no doubt, however, that Syracuse isn't as good as they typically have been. They not only have six losses but have also been beaten by some lackluster teams. They recently were routed by an 8-7 Boston College team on the road. They were wallopped by 33 points to an 8-8 St. John's squad. They lost to an 8-7 Georgetown team that's also struggled this season. And while South Carolina is halfway decent, Syracuse lost that game by 14 points.

Still, I'm not buying this as a win until I actually see it. There's no doubt that Pitt had Syracuse's number in the Jamie Dixon era and that the Panthers look like the better team this season. But this is still no gimme by any stretch of the imagination - especially on the road.

This is a game you really want to see Pitt win. A loss here would feel a bit like step forward, step backward. Not to mention that a loss here could look like one that isn't so hot by season's end if Syracuse can't turn their season around.

Join us here at noon to comment live during the game. Locally, it'll be on WTAE-TV/ABC.

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