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(Don’t) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Duke Picks

NCAA Football: Duke at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt faces Duke this weekend and our staff picks are below. We’ve got a mostly Duke contingent here but I went with the Panthers. I’m not sure Duke is quite as good as its record and, I as I wrote in the preview earlier this week, believe that if you switched the schedules for these teams around, Duke would have a very similar record to what Pitt has.

The biggest question I have is if Pitt will simply mail it in. I go back to the Syracuse game and that’s the one I look at that held the keys for the rest of the year. The Orange did go on to beat Clemson after that and Pitt was competitive with Syracuse but that loss really ended their season for a lot of fans. You almost have to wonder how engaged the players will be. You also have the quarterback situation, which is a mess right now, and the Panthers are also on the road.

Wait, why am I taking Pitt again?

What about you? Who are you taking in this one?

Anson (6-1): Pitt

Hokie Mark (6-1): Duke

JD (6-1): Pitt

Jordan (6-1): Duke

Matt (6-1): Duke

Stephen (6-1): Duke

Corey (5-2): Duke

Mike (5-2): Duke

Jim (4-3): Duke

PBS (4-3): Duke

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