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King of the Hill: Week 6 ACC Football Power Rankings

Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Here are your updated conference power rankings after last week’s games.

A few notable outcomes this week. First, Miami exposed Duke for the pretender that some of us thought they were. Duke’s beating drops them several spots.

I wrote this elsewhere but I believe that Georgia Tech is going to have a bigger year than expected. Seeing them win the Coastal wouldn’t shock me and at the very least, I expect they’ll compete for it.

Florida State remains where they are for now but this could be a tough year for them. Already 1-2 and have games still against Miami, Louisville, Clemson, and Florida.

Locally, Pitt moves up a couple of spots. That’s less about what they did with the Rice win and more about the teams around them. They jumped Syracuse, who lost this weekend and also leapfrogged North Carolina, who lost again as well. I’m curious where the Tar Heels figure into things, now 1-4.

As always, would love to hear about your agreements/disagreements. Previous week’s rankings in parentheses.

1. (1) Clemson (5-0) - 31-17 win over Virginia Tech

2. (3) Miami (3-0) - 31-6 win over Duke

3. (2) Virginia Tech (4-1) - Lost to Clemson

4. (4) Louisville (4-1) - 55-10 win over Murray State

5. (5) North Carolina State (4-1) - 33-25 win over Syracuse

6. (8) Georgia Tech (3-1) - 33-7 win over North Carolina

7. (7) Florida State (1-2) - Defeated Wake Forest 26-19

8. (9) Wake Forest (4-1) - Lost to Florida State

9. (6). Duke (4-1) - Lost to Miami

10. (10) Virginia (3-1) - Bye

11. (13) Pitt (2-3) - Beat Rice, 42-10

12. (12) Syracuse (2-3) - Lost to North Carolina State

13. (11) North Carolina (1-4) - Lost to Georgia Tech

14. (14) Boston College (2-3) - Beat Central Michigan, 28-8

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