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Poll: Should Pitt tarp part of Heinz Field for football games?

Youngstown State v Pittsburgh Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Last week, Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke seemed to suggest that the school would consider tarping off sections of Heinz Field for the school’s football games. That, of course, would be done in response to many of the team’s games that have light attendances, often leaving plenty of empty seats.

Tarping parts of the stadium wouldn’t make the attendance any better but it would, at the very least, help with the aesthetics. As I wrote in a recent Fanpost written by a reader, many of the shots seen on TV feature the lower bowl and if you cram more people there, it at least gives the idea that more fans are in attendance.

The flipside, others will argue, is that it’s a symbol of giving up and the jabs that the program may take from opposing fans isn’t worth the perception of a bigger crowd. Obviously, Pitt wouldn’t be the first school to tarp off sections of an unused stadium but you can bet that some opposing fans would make it seem that way.

Where do you come out on the issue? Should Pitt tarp off some of its stadium?


Should Pitt tarp part of Heinz Field?

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