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ACC Conference Football Rivalries Which Just Need to Happen (IMO)

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh
Virginia Tech vs Pitt - a budding rivalry?
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

ACC Football is good and it’s entertaining, but let’s face it ... some of the best football rivalries in the ACC have been in the South: Florida State vs. Miami, FSU vs. Clemson, Clemson vs. Georgia Tech, etc. to name a few.

Virginia Tech added a little spice when it joined, bringing along the VT vs. Miami rivalry and quickly starting a rivalry with Georgia Tech. However, there are some other rivalries the ACC needs to happen to ensure fan interest throughout the entire footprint - not just in the Deep South.

Boston College vs. Syracuse

These are two traditional Eastern football independents who now happen to be in the same division (Atlantic) of the ACC. Both are private schools, and while neither has been on the Notre Dame / USC level, both have had a measure of football success throughout their histories. When these teams are good and the rivalry is heated, people in the northeast just might watch football on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

Pitt vs. Virginia Tech

Let me start by admitting that, in the long history of college football, these teams have not played each other all that much. However, when they have played, it's usually been good. The campuses themselves are not that far apart (by 2017 standards, at least), both being situated on the western sides of East Coast states. Plus, if there's one thing Panthers and Hokies can agree on, it's a strong dislike for all things West Virginia.

Louisville vs. NC State

I started to type "vs. anybody", but I really think the team that needs to be on the other end of the rivalry here is NC State. Every team in the Atlantic division shoots for Clemson and Florida State, but having these two programs constantly fighting for third place (or better) in the division adds another layer of depth and drama to that side of the conference.

Virginia vs. North Carolina

This is the oldest rivalry in the ACC - some say, in the entire South - but lately it hasn't been a very compelling one. The Cavaliers haven't been all that good in football since George Welsh retired, and the Tar Heels have been inconsistent at best. However, when both of these teams are at least bowl-eligible if not division contenders, the games can be as entertaining as the series is long.

What are your thoughts? What are some other rivalries you’d like to see take off inside of the conference?