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Let’s Apportion Blame: Pitt’s 2017 Football Season

Let’s figure out just whose fault this mess was.

Virginia v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Despite the glory that was Pitt’s 24-14 defeat of #2 Miami last week, this season did, ultimately, kind of suck. The team looked over-matched by just about everyone it played through the first half of the season, and even when they seemed to kind of figure out against the weaker back half of the schedule, they often fell frustratingly short when it mattered. And of course, no season that breaks a nearly decade-long bowling streak could really be considered “good.”

To that end, I’ve created the following survey:

(Yes, blame poll “one.” This will almost certainly be back in March.)

I’ve fed 33 different concepts, ideas, people, and other factors into the linked poll, and I am asking you, humble reader, to select which of the pair you are presented with is more responsible for Pitt Football’s failures this year. Do you believe Ben DiNucci failed to execute Shawn Watson’s plays? Were Shawn Watson’s plays terrible? Does Pat Narduzzi share the blame for Watson? What about Scott Barnes, surely this is his fault somehow? What if, dear friend, the Pittsburgh Sports Media was more supportive of our boys? Would that have changed anything? Am I, delicate reader, to blame?

You may vote as many times as you want, and you may add ideas that I didn’t think of at the bottom. I’ll be back next week or so with the results and some analysis, unless Pat Narduzzi gets poached by Mississippi State, in which case the site goes back into emergency mode.

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