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Win a James Conner Pitt Bobblehead

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The great folks at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame created a series of college football bobbleheads featuring former collegiate stars. James Conner of Pitt was one of 23 different players created that is up for sale.

They sent a couple my way and I figured I’d give one away through a ‘Guess the Score’ contest like we’ve done in the past.

To enter, simply enter a prediction for how many points you believe Pitt will score against McNeese State in this Saturday’s men’s basketball game against McNeese State. You must enter your total number of predicted points in the comments section of this post no later than 2:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, December 16th, which is when the game begins. The person with the guess closest to the number of points scored by Pitt will win the bobblehead.

You MAY NOT adjust your total number of points (outside of the 90-second time limit where the site allows you to edit your comments immediately after posting them). If you make additional predictions in the thread after your initial guess, only your first guess will count. If two people are an equal distance away (i.e. someone guesses 65 and someone guesses 75 with Pitt scoring 70), the person with the lower number will win.

Finally, if two or more people guess the same winning number, the person with the first guess as indicated in the thread time will win. In other words, don’t guess the same thing as another poster.

Any questions or need for clarification, let me know - good luck!

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