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Larry Fitzgerald tweets support for on-campus stadium at Pitt

Larry Fitzgerald Getty Images

Former Pitt star Larry Fitzgerald recently answered some fan questions on Twitter. One was related to Pitt building an on-campus stadium for football. It’s pretty clear that Fitz is on board with that idea.

The on-campus stadium is something that’s been discussed pretty much since Pitt decided to play its games at Heinz Field. There’s no real consensus on it and there probably never will be.

While an on-campus stadium, in theory, would be ideal, there are positives to playing games off campus where it’s much more accessible and more space is available for parking, tailgating, etc. Pitt also isn’t forced to maintain the stadium or worry about the money to make necessary repairs and upgrades.

Still, whenever one of the school’s all-time greats speaks on the topic, you can bet that it will make some waves.

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