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Panther of the Week: Sheldon Jeter

The streak of Mike Young and Jamel Artis is finally over as they move aside for Sheldon Jeter

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Young or Jamel Artis have won the Panther of the Week dating back to last season. This past week fellow senior Sheldon Jeter takes the award and ends the streak.

It wasn’t just Jeter, though, as Cam Johnson also had a solid week. But Jeter’s massive game against Florida State puts him over the top. I said it would either be a really good week or really bad week if Artis or Young were unseated. We had a mixed bag, but it was oh so close to being very good.

Pitt started the week with a bad loss to a very improved Virginia Tech team. Jeter had a very bad turnover late to help seal the loss but it still doesn’t take away from his solid game. Jeter finished with nine points and 10 rebounds, along with two assists, one steal, and two blocks. Cam Johnson finished three assists shy of a triple-double in the game, but it wasn’t enough.

Saturday saw a nice upset at home of top-25 ranked Florida State. The upset in front of the Zoo and the retro uniforms reminded us of better times with the program. Jeter definitely did his part. The Beaver Falls product scored a career high 29 points to go along with eight rebounds, one assist and one steal.

He started off the upset with a nice start before getting into foul trouble, although his second foul was questionable to say the least. The Panthers’ bench allowed Kevin Stallings to sit Jeter for a good while. The second half saw him pick up where he left off and down the stretch he seemed to be all over the floor. It was nice to see the senior playing up to his capabilities.

I think more than one person has said that Pitt would be a tough team to play if someone else steps up to go along with Artis and Young. This proves it. The truth is that for the better part of the last month, Pitt has been playing better and it’s mostly because of other players stepping up. In addition to Jeter and Cam, Rozelle Nix has provided some spark off the bench along with a few others. If they can continue to trend up, it could be a fun ACC Tournament, rather than a one and done with Ryan Luther scheduled to come back.

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