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Kayla Harris pitches perfect game for Pitt softball team

Photo used with permission of the University of Pittsburgh Athletics Department (

Pitcher Kayla Harris continued her incredible start to the season with an unbelievable performance against Southeastern Louisiana on Sunday. The junior not only led Pitt's softball team to a 5-0 win, but pitched the second perfect game in school history.

If it seems like Pitt's softball team just had a perfect game, they did. Last year (nearly a year to the day on February 27), freshman Sarah Dawson threw the first one in the history of the program. Dawson, as I've mentioned this year, is now coming out of Pitt's bullpen. That Pitt has thrown two perfect games in only a little more than a year after never having one before says volumes about how the program is progressing.

Harris is now 6-1 with a 1.46 ERA on the year. She had four strikeouts in the seven innings and 16 of the other 17 outs were all groundouts as only one ball was even hit in the air in play all day.

Unfortunately, the Panthers weren't perfect this weekend. The team suffered its first two defeats (first against Lipscomb and then against Troy) while winning three other games (Lipscomb and two against Southeastern Louisiana). Because of that they may take a bump in the rankings after rising to No. 19/20 in the most recent polls.

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