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Pitt loses at Duke as skid hits eight games

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Pitt appears to at least have the effort part of things down under head coach Kevin Stallings. I mean, for two games, anyway. Problem is that they had the exact same result as they did against North Carolina. And Clemson. And Louisville. And ... you get the idea. Pitt played pretty well on the road but lost to Duke, 72-64. If you're counting at home, that's eight in a row, folks.

My interest level for today was virtually non-existent. And that was as a guy who's a die-hard fan with absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. I can only imagine how little the casual fan was paying attention today.

Michael Young and Jamel Artis, as they've done all year, carried the team with a combined 41 points (Young had 24). But there was no one else to be found. Cam Johnson, who has had some breakout games, managed only three points. Chris Jones gave them nine, but no one else was in double digits.

Pitt's offense wasn't bad by any stretch. 64 points isn't much but they shot 51% from the field, after all. The biggest problem was the three-point game at both ends of the court. Pitt made only 2-14 from that range while Duke was 11-28. The three-pointers were such a big factor because both teams had about the same number of field goals. Pitt, in fact, made one more shot than Duke (26-25). But those 11 extra points from long-range shots were the difference.

The schedule gets a little easier from here, but the Panthers still have three of their eight final games against ranked teams. Now it's up to the team to bring the same kind of effort that they did in these past two games.

I'd love to hear from people now about their level of interest right now. Totally tuned out? Still watching to see some guys like Cam Johnson, etc., improve for next year? Still watching just because it's Pitt basketball? How are you coping with this?