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Oakland Zoo t-shirt design bracket contest

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Since Pitt was left out of the NCAA Tournament, I've set up an idea to help pass the time. Over the next few weeks, we'll be running polls to determine the top Oakland Zoo t-shirt design of all time.

In honor of this being the 16th year of the Oakland Zoo, we’re going to have a bracket to determine what was the best Oakland Zoo T-Shirt design. Since this is entirely subjective, seeding was based on something objective - total number of wins each season. The first tiebreaker was number of losses, and the second tiebreaker was wins in the tournament. Since the original shirt was used for two years it was the default number one seed and will get a bye in the first round (there isn’t a 16 seed).

Voting will end at some point over the weekend and the winners will advance to next week.

You can refer to this tweet from the Oakland Zoo twitter for pictures of each design through the years (this year’s version is obviously their current picture).

And now the matchups:

Matchup #1

1. 2001-2003 (57 Wins) - Bye

Matchup #2

No. 8 (2005-06) vs. No. 9 (2009-10) free polls

Matchup #3

No. 5 (2010-11) vs. No. 12 (2015-16) free polls

Matchup #4

No. 4 (2006-07) vs. No. 13 (2004-05) free polls

Matchup #5

No. 6 (2007-08) vs. No. 11 (2011-12) free polls

Matchup #6

No. 3 (2003-04) vs. No. 14 (2014-15) free polls

Matchup #7

No. 7 (2013-14) vs. No. 10 (2012-13) free polls

Matchup #8

No. 2 (2008-09) vs. No. 15 (2016-17) free polls