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Cardiac Hill NCAA Bracket Contest (Reminder)

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I mentioned this in an earlier post but figured a reminder wouldn't hurt now that the official NCAA bracket was revealed over the weekend.

Pitt isn't in the field, of course, but I suspect that will only help most of us that were more often than not convinced the team could make a Sweet 16 run these past few years only to be disappointed with yet another early exit.

If you missed the first announcement I ran last week, here's the link to sign up for our Cardiac Hill bracket contest. As we've done in the past several years, the bracket contest will be run through our gracious sponsor, Yahoo. There's no prize other than bragging rights but why not take the opportunity to show us all how smart you are, anyway? That alone is worth the 3-4 minutes it will take to fill one out. Super secret password once you click on the link? Why, that's: h2p

Hope you'll join us -

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