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Sophomore guard Crisshawn Clark transferring from Pitt

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt lost freshman guard Justice Kithcart, who was dismissed from the team in the middle of this year. They are now down another guard with the news that Crisshawn Clark has received approval to transfer out of the program:

Pitt was one over the scholarship limit with all of the new recruits coming in but I was hoping Clark wouldn't be the odd man out. The move wasn't unexpected but I wanted to see him back if possible. Unlike other players on the roster that have already played, Pitt didn't really get a chance to find out what they might have in him. He played one year at junior college, where he was a Freshman of the Year before injuring his knee there and then again here, sitting out the past two years. I would have loved the opportunity to see what he could do if/when healthy. Problem is that we don't know exactly when that might have been and how limited he might be upon returning.

I don't know how good Clark could have been but there's little doubt that with help needed in the backcourt, he would have gotten his shot to play if he had been healthy this year.

Like most transfers, Clark has some limited options and you likely won't see him line up against Pitt anytime soon. He was blocked from transferring to any team in the ACC and also from upcoming future opponents.

The program's dramatic roster changes over a bit more and things still might not be done. The team will have a completely different look next season and there's little doubt that for those that wanted to see head coach Kevin Stallings get his own team on the floor that that is what will be happening next season.


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