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Fun with Numbers: A look at the raw numbers of what Pitt basketball needs to replace next year

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We all know that Pitt's basketball team loses quite a bit for next season. That's something we've not only talked a lot about as the season went on, but anticipated before the year even began. And given the seniors that are out of eligibility and, more recently, the transfers, I was curious to see just how much (or in this case, how little) production will be returning to the team next year.

Here's a closer look at just how much the Panthers won't return for next season. We're just now into the offseason so more departures are still possible. But as of right now, here's what the team loses in terms of pure numbers.

The Panthers lose:

  • 85% of their scoring - Cam Johnson is the leading-returning scorer with 11.9 points per game. Seeing him get up to 15 or so seems like practically a given based on how little the Panthers have coming back and he could be in line for an even bigger jump depending on how much he's asked to do.
  • 69% of their rebounding - There wasn't quite as big of a hit here as there was with the scoring since Cam Johnson wasn't terrible on the glass and the Panthers' top two returning reserves, Ryan Luther and Rozelle Nix, were big men. But, obviously, that's still a lot. Cam Johnson is the leading returning rebounder (notice a trend here?) with 4.5 rebounds per game.
  • 81% of their assists - This was a down area this year for the team as they averaged only 14 assists per game. As I've said before, part of that was due to Michael Young and Jamel Artis just sort of dominating the ball. Cam Johnson and his 2.3 assists per contest lead the team in terms of returnees.
  • 70% of their steals - Again, not a big number since the team averaged a meager four per game. Heck, some college players have averaged almost that by themselves. Cam Johnson's .9 steals per game led the team this year.
  • 87% of their blocks - Again, a very small number. Pitt averaged only three blocks as an entire team and finally, someone other than Cam leads the way coming back. That would be Ryan Luther and his .7 per game.
  • 82% of their free throw attempts - Cam Johnson leads the way again here as far as returning players as he got to the line 74 times last year.
Pitt will have other guys step in, step up, etc. But some of these numbers are still sort of eyepopping. Just another reminder that, regardless of who plays and steps up next year, the team will look vastly different than this year.

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