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Pitt basketball ranked 35th best program of all time by AP

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For all but four teams remaining, we're in the college basketball offseason. The AP poll decided to have a little fun and recently put together a list of the top programs of all time.

List most rankings lists, the quality of the selection criteria is in an eye of the beholder type of thing. The AP used the number of weeks that programs have appeared in the rankings to make their selection. It didn't count important things like titles, Final Four appearances, Sweet 16 appearances, etc. Still it's an interesting look into, if nothing else, seeing which teams have been in the polls the most.

Overall, Pitt checked in at No. 35 on the list. Kentucky was No. 1.

The list takes into consideration all of the AP polls over the years so it's not really representative of how programs are today. Cincinnati and Illinois, for example, are 10th and 11th, respectively, largely based on earlier success.

A program like Pitt would be much higher if you took a snapshot of, say, the last 15 years when they've had a lot of time in the polls. All time, however, they take a hit because there were some really lean years in the program's history.

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