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Pitt vs. Georgia Tech (ACC Tournament) Open Gamethread

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season out of the way, Pitt now turns its attention to the ACC Tournament. Obviously, the Panthers' NCAA Tournament hopes are on life support and the Panthers aren't getting in without running the table here.

First up - a date with Georgia Tech. You'd like to think this represents a winnable game for the team. Pitt did lose to the Yellow Jackets a couple of games ago, but held a halftime lead on the road before losing by nine. Georgia Tech looks like the favorite here but a win by the Panthers wouldn't be entirely out of the question. Pitt's real problem, of course, is that they would need defeat several more teams along the way.

I'm curious to see how Pitt responds in this one. By many accounts, they've mailed it in over the last few regular season games. Does the postseason spur a bit of competitiveness and a little more effort from them?

Game time at 7:00 p.m. and it will be on ESPNU.