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Pitt to appear in 2017 Legends Classic

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, it was announced that Pitt would participate in next season's Legends Classic Tournament. The Panthers have played in this twice before and it's similar to other events in that they'll play a couple of teams prior to the main tournament in the Barclays on November 20 and 21.

Joining Pitt is Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Penn State. The Penn State inclusion is nice to see in that it could pit the two teams in another head-to-head game - something I've advocated for on an annual basis. Pairings haven't been announced yet but I'd love to see Pitt play Penn State in an opening round game with the winner taking on the winner of Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. Geographically, that makes the most sense for all four teams, too, from a rivalry standpoint.

Before those games, Pitt will play some combination of two teams in the 'subregional' games - Pepperdine, Montana, Oral Roberts, and UC-Santa Barbara. The Panthers will play those teams at home and, regardless of outcome, will still go on to the main championship tournament in the Barclays. On a lesser note, those four teams will also play against each other on November 20 and 21 while the four P5 programs are playing.

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