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Pitt Blue-Gold Spring Game draft held and honorary coaches named as practices come to a close

Pitt's spring practices are wrapping up with the Blue-Gold game to be held Saturday. Here was the preliminary information in case you hadn't seen it yet. I won't be in town but Jim will be down at the game and should have an update at some point afterwards.

The draft was held for the game yesterday, which is fine. For me, it's hard to get too interested up over something like this, but I know there's some interest among the fans. You can see the full team rosters here and if you wanted to see the order of picks, the Pitt Twitter account has a rundown of those. Coaches assigned all of the seniors to teams prior to the draft and then offensive tackle Brian O'Neill was the first overall pick.

Pitt also brought back the honorary coaches thing again. This year's picks there are Tyler Boyd and Jabaal Sheard, although the initial release didn't say which guy would captain which team.

As for the rest of the spring, it was mostly uneventful and I suppose that's a good thing. With practices mostly closed off to the media, there's not a ton of information out there, anyway. One of the bigger developments was probably the anticipated move of Jordan Whitehead to free safety, which should allow him to make more big plays. Other than that, however, I'm not sure too many relevant things really happened other than the insertion of the offense of new coordinator Shawn Watson. Fall camp should give us a better indication of where this team stands before the season begins.

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