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The Untouchables team hoping for votes for The Basketball Tournament

Elsa/Getty Images

You might remember that last year, The Untouchables participated in The Basketball Tournament. That tournament is an event featuring teams that mostly consist of ex-college basketball players.

About half of the Untouchables team is made up of former Pitt players. Among those on the roster for this year are Levance Fields, Gilbert Brown, Jermaine Dixon, and Antonio Graves. More players are also going to be added as well and Aron, one of our former writers here, is the GM of the team. They are again hoping to get into the tournament for this year.

The event starts in July and runs through August (play-in games are in June). It's gotten bigger over the years and $2,000,000 goes to the winning team with the later-round games on ESPN and ESPN2.

To get into the event, though, the team has to receive enough votes. You can help out by heading on over to the site and giving them a vote so they can get in.

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