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James Conner takes to the Players' Tribune to talk to GMs in advance of the NFL Draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Like a lot of people, I find the Players' Tribune articles to be pretty interesting for the most part. I don't keep up with the site much but try to check out articles when I can.

Today, Pitt running back James Conner had an entry, pleading his case to general managers as to why they should take him in the upcoming NFL Draft.

It's full of so much good stuff that I don't even want to try to cheapen it by picking out bits and pieces of quotes. The fact is that it's all good. In it, Conner talks about his battle with cancer, the fact that he was only about 60% coming into last season, and his struggle to even become a recognized recruit. Plus, a lot more.

Head over and check it out.

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