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Amber Washington becomes Pitt's First All-ACC Tennis Player

Photo used with permission of the University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

Recently, I mentioned the struggles of the tennis team this year. The program was only 3-15 on the year and was quickly ousted in the ACC Tournament this week with a loss to Notre Dame.

One player that sort of bucked the trend this year was senior Amber Washington. On Wednesday, she was named to the All-ACC Third Team. Washington is the first Pitt tennis player to be named to an All-ACC team since the school joined the conference.

If the Washington last name sounds familiar, it should. Her sister Taylor Washington played on the team a few years ago and is now as assistant coach. She was previously the team's No. 1 starter just as Amber was this year.

I only casually followed the team this year and knew that Washington was their best player. But I wasn't aware that she had beaten three ranked opponents this season. Not only did she win three ranked matches against opponents but she was the only member of the team to defeat a ranked singles opponent. In all, Pitt was 3-16 in those matches.

The Panthers had a pretty down year, but Washington's All-ACC status was nice to see considering it was a first for the program.

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