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Arizona Cardinals draft Pitt offensive lineman Dorian Johnson after sliding due to medical condition

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt offensive lineman Dorian Johnson was expected to be drafted as high as the 2nd or 3rd round. Instead, he was taken in the fourth round by the Arizona Cardinals with the No. 115 pick.

According to reports, the reason for Johnson's mini-slide is because he was diagnosed with some sort of liver condition. ESPN's Adam Caplan has a series of tweets about it, explaining what happened and that some GMs didn't want to risk a high pick on him.

That's unfortunate for Johnson as it likely will cost him at least a little bit of money. But Caplan reports that his agent says that the condition should have no effect on his playing career at all, which is great news. And if that's true, then the Cardinals got great value getting him in the fourth round. He was an All-American this year and as Caplan notes, he could start right away.

The second Panther is now off the board. Congrats to Johnson after a standout career with the Panthers.

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