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Denver Broncos Undrafted Free Agents 2017: Pitt standouts Shakir Soto and Tyrique Jarrett sign UDFA deals

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt defensive linemen Shakir Soto and Tyrique Jarrett have played next to each other for several years at Pitt. Now, they'll get a chance to continue doing that in the NFL.

Neither player was drafted but both were signed shortly after the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos as undrafted free agents.

Both were key members of Pitt's strong front four last year. While the pass defense struggled, Pitt's run defense was among the strongest in the country, thanks to the run-stuffing abilities of Soto and Jarrett. Defense end Ejuan Price also was one of the top sack specialists in the nation.

Soto has experience at both end and tackle and Jarrett was a starter on the Pitt line for the past two seasons.

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