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Tracking the Pitt basketball transfers and their new destinations

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I've sort of lost track of all of the Pitt basketball transfers but I had a little time to catch up as I was interested in seeing who landed where.

Cameron Johnson, the biggest guy available, is still sorting some things out. And from what I can tell, Corey Manigault hasn't announced a new home yet. He was said to be visiting Arizona State a while back, but I haven't heard anything since then. But most of the departed Pitt players have found new teams.

Justice Kithcart, who was dismissed midseason, is headed to Old Dominion. Interestingly enough, Kithcart's old coach at Virginia Episcopal seems to allude that his disciplinary issue at Pitt was a little overblown.

"He was a really good kid," said Curtis Staples, Kithcart’s coach at Virginia Episcopal. "Those words made it sound worse than it was. I wish they hadn’t used them but they did."

There are plenty of places to go for talent but this sounds at least one guy that's down on the way Stallings dismissed his former player.

Crisshawn Clark, who never played for Pitt due to injury, is headed to Portland where he'll play for former NBA guard Terry Porter. Meanwhile, Damon Wilson will go to Georgia State and Rozelle Nix is heading to South Alabama. He's headed down a notch but still staying in Division I. Those last two are slightly interesting in that both Georgia State and South Alabama are in the Sun Belt so Nix/Wilson could meet each other on the court.

Former incoming 2017 recruit Aaron Thompson is easily going to the highest-profile spot of this group in Butler. Thompson isn't only going to a quality program, but he expects to play early:

There's an opportunity to get early playing time at Butler and that played a role in his decision making.

"I think it factors into it a lot," Thompson said. "I think there is a clear path to playing time at Butler. I feel like that would help me in a great way to play early and get some experience."

Lots of smaller schools here, which is mostly what you'd expect. I wouldn't have been surprised to Wilson land at a slightly bigger program but he also really didn't show too much while here. Seeing Thompson scooped up by a good program isn't surprising since he hasn't even played in his first game yet and I wouldn't be surprised to see Corey Manigault scooped up by a power-conference team. And obviously, Cam basically has his pick of schools.

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