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Pitt gymnastics coach Debbie Yohman retires

Photo used with permission of the Pittsburgh Panthers athletics department (

As if athletics director Heather Lyke hasn't been busy enough, you can add another responsibility to her list. On Wednesday, it was announced that Pitt's gymnastics coach Debbie Yohman was retiring.

Yohman was by far and away the longest-tenured active coach at Pitt. She was only the school's second head coach in that program and had been here for 31 years. Yohman actually even was one of the founders of the gymnastics team's conference, the EAGL.

"I am nothing but grateful for the many years I was able to serve as the head gymnastics coach at the University of Pittsburgh,” said Yohman, who is a past EAGL, Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year. “It has been a wonderful journey.

“I am indebted to all the support personnel and assistant coaches throughout the years who have worked with me to better our student-athletes. I have learned so much from all of them. It's been an honor to work at Pitt, be a part of the amazing growth of the University through the years, and now to retire from coaching in the city I call home.

“Most importantly I am so thankful for the many gymnasts I've been fortunate to work with for so long. I will continue to enjoy keeping an eye on their journeys through life and feel blessed to begin my own new journey!"

Pitt has certainly had some success under her watch and to last that long in the world of major college athletics is pretty remarkable. The team defeated No. 15 New Hampshire last year and was ranked as recently as 2013. There is, however, no doubt that the program could take another step forward and improve. How Lyke handles the gymnastics job will be an interesting one to watch in the wake of the wrestling hire that didn't sound as if it went exactly according to plan.

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